Should You Have All Your Windows Replaced in One Go?

When you’re a homeowner, replacing your windows is a home improvement project that you will eventually have to undertake. After all, if you have a broken window, your home could suffer from water damage and your monthly bills could spike. However, when it comes to window replacements, some homeowners often ask themselves a recurring question: should they replace their windows all at once?

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento reveals the answer to this question.

Window Replacements: Should You Get It Done at Once?

Surprisingly enough, according to window replacement experts, you don’t actually have to get every single one of your windows replaced in one go. In fact, if you lack the time or the funds to do so, you’re more than free to phase your window replacement project to better suit your schedule or your budget. However, when you’re getting your windows replaced, it’s strongly recommended that you first focus on replacing the windows that can compromise your home’s safety, security, and energy efficiency. That way, you and your home won’t suffer from high energy bills and possible intrusion.

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The Benefits of Replacing Multiple Windows in One Go

While you’re free to phase your window replacement project, keep in mind that there are merits to replacing multiple windows at once. In fact, if you have the funds to get your windows replaced in one go, you should take the opportunity as doing so can help you save a significant amount on labor costs. This is because if you want to install five to eight windows in one go, installers will usually offer you a deal on installation as their crew is employed for the rest of the day.

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