Spring Home Design Tips for 2017

“Out with the old and in with the new!” the saying goes. But at Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we like to think of spring as a time for rotation, not makeovers. So instead of throwing out perfectly fine housewares this season, store them in a safe space or switch up their placement in your home entirely. There’s no reason to start from scratch. The following spring home design tips will help enliven your home’s energy—without draining the energy out of you! Now that’s a win-win. So here goes…

First up: Think in shades of green.

Consider brightening and revitalizing communal spaces with a fresh paint selection to frame your main window as an accent wall. Green represents life, renewal, freshness and energy—all of which are welcome additions to change up a room for your whole family to enjoy. Plus, this color palette will only bring more tranquility and vitality into your home. So start painting!

And while you’re at it… add some greenery!

spring home design tipsOut of all the spring home design tips that will never stop trending, adding new plant life to any room is at the top of our list. From succulents to broad-leafed trees, these additions not only come with delightful accessories, but also provide more oxygen to breathe. In addition, they also function as transitional pieces for indoor-outdoor living spaces.

Embrace mix-and-match accents.

Spruce up your family room or living room with an assortment of colorful pillows, exciting throws and even striking curtain patterns. Instead of focusing on just one or two statement pieces, mix up various accent pieces in a room. And don’t shy away from using vibrant colors and patterns. This will actually tie the room together and make it appear larger.

Bring on the comfort!

With winter comes holiday parties and family festivities. During this season, we tend to decorate our homes with a more formal touch. So this spring, think about whether the staple pieces in your bedroom, family room or living room are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Remember, it’s called spring-cleaning for a reason! That means there’s nothing wrong with rotating out more formal and elegant furniture in favor of plush fabrics, soft linens and soothing bedding.

But don’t forgo the craftsmanship.

spring home design tips 2While DIY has reigned supreme for years, one of the top spring home design tips you should heed is a return to crafted art. To stay in front of the price hikes, think of picking up artisan pottery, porcelain, tile work and blown glass now before the rest of the internet gets wind. For rooms where mix-and-match accents aren’t desirable (bathrooms, kitchens and formal eating areas come to mind), consider adding a statement art piece. This can elevate the look of the space. While less affordable than DIY crafts, artisanal work lasts a lifetime.

At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we take window selection and installation seriously. This means our design team stays on top of trends. Trends that not only complement your replacement windows and doors, but make your house YOUR OWN. So if you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows to suit new décor or design elements in your home, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free in-home consultation. Or, check out our Events calendar. Complimentary BBQ or brunch Q&A sessions are coming to neighborhoods throughout the Greater Sacramento Area, Eldorado County and Placer County.