The Benefits of Installing a Sliding Window

Choosing a new window can be a challenge. With so many styles and materials from which to choose, you might find yourself having a hard time selecting the right one for your home. A great way to help you select a window style is to ask yourself how you will use the window. Do you need it to open for ventilation? Are you looking for ones that are low-maintenance and easy to use? 

The Benefits of Installing a Sliding Window

If your answer is yes to all these questions, a sliding window may be the perfect choice for you. In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento tackles the benefits of sliding windows. 

What Is a Sliding Window?

Sliding windows, also known as floating or gliding windows, have sashes that slide horizontally and can be lifted out for simple, easy cleaning. If you are looking for space-saving options, sliding windows are a great choice. They do not require additional space instead, they simply overlap and take up a smaller area. Sliding windows are also easy to use. A gentle push or tug of the sash is all it takes to open and close them. This also works if you have a loved one with a mobility issue or with fine motor skill difficulties.

Why Should You Choose a Sliding Window?

There are many advantages to having sliding windows:

  • Energy efficiency. If you’re trying to improve indoor ventilation, you should consider sliding windows. Some window manufacturers even build sliding windows that allow both panes to be open at the same time, maximizing ventilation. Sliding windows also offer thermal insulation and ensure that the interiors of your house remain cool during the summer.

  • Daylighting. A home illuminated with natural light is more relaxing and welcoming, which is why you want windows that allow large amounts of sunlight. Most sliding windows are made up of glass panels across the length of the entire window panel. This way, your sliding windows let in plenty of natural sunlight throughout the day. 

  • Low maintenance. Unlike traditional windows, sliding windows have fewer parts, making them easier to maintain. As such, many busy families prefer this style of window. 

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