The Best Times to Switch to Sliding Windows

Looking for a new type of window to replace your old one? As the leading residential window contractor in the area, we highly recommend switching to sliding windows. Of course, knowing when to replace your old windows is crucial to getting the most value out of them. This is why we’re here to give you a rundown on the best time to make the switch.


Siding and specialty windows


When Your Electric Bill Is Bigger Than Usual


Check out your home’s monthly electric bill; do you notice an upward trend? It could mean that your current windows are not properly sealed. Sliding windows have sashes that form a good seal around the frames, making them one of the most energy-efficient options out there.


When There’s a  Good View Outside


Is a part of your home facing a great view? If so, then you’ll need windows with big glass panels. Casement windows are a popular choice, but sliding windows can also afford to have large frames because most of the weight of the frames are easily supported by the rails where they rest.


When It’s Difficult to Open Other Windows

Accessibility is just as important as the window’s size and insulating capabilities. Some window types are operated in a way that you’ll have to deal with the weight of the sash or you have to reach far to push them open or pull them shut. Sliding windows are very easy to operate because you’re just pushing the sashes along a rail so it’s perfect for households with children or people with mobility issues.


Professional Installation Is Essential


Just like when having casement or specialty windows installed, sliding windows only function to its fullest capabilities if it was installed by a certified professional. This  is because certified contractors have received the necessary training to ensure that every window is installed exactly according to manufacturer’s specifications.


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