The Difference Between a Single and Double Sliding Window

Sliding windows are similar to double-hung windows but they open from the side instead of up and down. They have fewer parts than other window styles, which makes them easier to maintain. If you wish to brighten up your home and improve ventilation, then sliding windows are for you.

Read on to learn the difference between a single and double-sliding window.

Single Sliding Windows

A single-sliding window is an ideal option for an area in your home that could benefit from increased airflow. This window style features one panel that moves from left to right and another that’s stationary. These windows have a traditional charm with a modern touch, making them great for contemporary home styles.

Double Sliding Windows

Double sliding windows improve airflow through both ends of the windows. In this window style, you can slide both sides of the unit, giving you maximum ventilation control. You can pop out both sashes, making cleaning and maintenance easier. It’s a great option for wider window openings.

Why Choose Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows don’t depend on springs and pulleys, meaning they are more durable than standard windows. These windows usually also feature window glazing, making them even stronger. Window glazing also increases energy efficiency and insulation, resulting in lower energy costs.

Moreover, sliding windows are easy to operate, even for physically-challenged individuals. They aren’t heavy so they easily glide along the frame. Sliding windows is a perfect solution for small spaces since they don’t take up a lot of room. With their expansive glass area, you can enjoy a brighter home and uninterrupted outdoor views.

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