The Fibrex® Manufacturing Process

Fibrex® is a composite window framing material made by Renewal by Andersen® that brings together the best attributes of wood and vinyl. This means getting a Fibrex window means getting a window that is not just beautiful but durable, energy-efficient and easy to maintain as well.

What Makes Up Fibrex

As a composite, Fibrex is made up of 40% reclaimed wood fiber from too-small pieces of wood that can no longer be used on wood windows manufactured by the Andersen® Corporation. The other 60% is made up of a proprietary polymer created by the company. This formulation results in casement windows and other window options with all the benefits of wood and vinyl.

How It’s Made

The Fibrex manufacturing process follows these steps:

  1. Wood fibers undergo heating to remove moisture.

  2. Proprietary polymer is heated.

  3. Dry wood fibers and heated proprietary polymer are combined.

  4. After being thoroughly mixed, wood and polymer molecules combine, creating a new material.

  5. The resulting material, Fibrex, is extruded through a machine, forming a range of specialty windows and allowing virtually any color to be applied.

Did You Know?

Since the Andersen Corporation began reclaiming wood fibers from their production line, they were able to prevent almost 90 million board feet of lumber from being harvested. This makes Fibrex windows an ideal option for anyone looking to go green in their home.

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