The Ideal Window Contractor: What to Look for

Hiring a contractor is the ideal approach to window and door replacement. DIY is an option, but do-it-yourselfers often learn that forgoing professional installation is a terrible idea.

window contractors

Although entrusting your project to pros is a step in the right direction, beware of unqualified contractors. Many honest characters in the industry are too flawed to deliver quality work.

To buy the right replacement windows and patio doors and get your money’s worth, the following are the qualities you should look for when sizing up contractors.

Reliable Product

Scrutinize the offerings of your prospective contractors.

Before scheduling a meeting, learn the jargon and identify the key features to watch out for. Jot down your goals, and rank them accordingly.

To help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of products, use your working knowledge of windows and hinged French doors as a guide. If you do, you’ll see the trade-offs and be able to ultimately make an informed decision.

Proven Competence

What constitutes installation proficiency? Is it continuous training? Adequate experience? Solid teamwork? Streamlined procedure?

All of the above. But if you could choose between a contractor that installs their own windows as well as sliding French doors and one that handles third-party products, pick the former. Doing so helps guarantee workmanship flawlessness and accountability.

Unquestionable Integrity

Window and door replacement is a faith-based job. In all probability, you won’t know that you made the wrong choice until it’s too late.

Read as many authentic reviews as you can to verify claims. Likewise, consult the Better Business Bureau to learn about your prospective contractor’s track record.

Dependable Protection

Go with a contractor that offers expansive warranties. Make sure that they cover the glass, other major components like the frame, and original installation. Moreover, transferable warranties are useful when you sell your house down the road.

Modesty aside, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento ticks all said boxes. Call (916) 779-5800 to schedule your free consultation with us in Roseville, CA, and we’ll satisfactorily answer your biggest questions about the project.