The Importance of Window Hardware and How to Choose It

Your windows are composed of various components, other than the glass or the crank that allows you to open in. These parts are known as the window hardware and every now and then they will need replacement. Unfortunately, some homeowners see these parts of the window as inconsequential and tend to forget all about them. This is actually a mistake that can lead to a poorly performing window.

Read on as the pros from Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento help you choose the importance of window hardware and how to choose the best ones.


For the uninitiated, the hardware is a vital part of any window because it’s what allows it to function the way it was designed to. While most homeowners simply think that the term “window hardware” only applies to curtain rods and other items related to window treatments, hardware actually involves the locks, latches and bolts; all of which are important in keeping your home’s security intact through the window.

How to Choose a Hardware

Choosing the right hardware for your window actually depends on what kind of window you have. As they can’t be opened, you won’t need any hardware other than curtain rods for picture windows. However, windows with sashes will need locks to keep them shut. Lifts allows you to open your sash windows while a stop can be used if the window won’t stay open.

Casement windows, on the other hand, require different hardware compared to sash windows as they swing to open and closed, as opposed to sliding. This window style will need latches so you can open and lock the window and the hinges are the joints that allow your window to swing. If you want to keep your casement window from bowing, on the other hand, then you’re going to need some bolts attached to the window.

Meanwhile, if you want to tighten the security of your home through the window, you can add some bars and grilles no matter what kind of window you have.

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