The Most Common Issues With Vinyl Windows

There is a wide selection of window materials available on the market today. Vinyl is one of the most popular options and is—in fact—the best-selling material in many locations around the country. However, despite being considered the go-to window material for a lot of homeowners, vinyl windows are not exempted from common issues. In today’s post, a professional residential window contractor will explore these said problems.

Sensitivity to Extreme Temperatures

Low temperatures and freezing precipitation largely affect vinyl windows. Vinyl has a chemical makeup that makes it vulnerable to extreme temperature changes. In a below-freezing climate, vinyl tends to become brittle and crack, causing permanent damage to your windows.

A good alternative to vinyl is the Fibrex® composite material. It retains its stability and rigidity in all climates— from frosty winters to scorching hot summers. Plus, it resists fungal growth and won’t flake or peel, allowing your traditional or speciality windows to maintain their beauty all year round.

Loss of Glass Area

A loss of glass viewing area is considered the number one problem with vinyl replacement windows. The issue is, when you decide to replace an old window unit with a new vinyl window, the vinyl window replacement will be measured to fit the frame of the old window. This results in loss of glass area.

Look for a window replacement that is designed to maximize glass area. It will be even better if you talk with your window installer about replacing the entire frame to save costly repairs in the future.

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