Tips for Better Window Daylighting

Daylighting is controlling and allowing direct sunlight, natural light, and diffused-skylight into a building for the purpose of lowering energy use and reducing the need for artificial lighting. It is used in commercial buildings as well as for residential constructions for a healthier, more stimulating, and more productive indoor environment while also reducing energy consumption.

daylighting through windows and doors

With the help of your residential window contractor, you can maximize the benefits of daylighting in your home. Here are some tips for a more effective design.

Plan Ahead

An evaluation of your home can lead to a more effective remodel geared toward better daylighting opportunities. Evaluate the spaces, the location, and the solar orientation of your windows, as well as the daylighting needs of each room. Prepare comprehensive schematics addressing these opportunities.

Understand the Site

Wherever you’re located, there is a specific climate and a solar path and orientation. Where the sun rises and sets never changes where you live. Observe the times when there’s fog, or when the day is at its clearest, etc. You can determine such cycles to better inform the design and orientation of your windows.

Balance Light and Heat Gain

It would be unwise to maximize daylighting capabilities without taking the heat gain factor into account. You might be successful in making your indoor areas very bright, but they would be virtually uninhabitable if they also become too hot. Strike a balance between light and heat. For instance, look for an area where big casement windows would allow plenty of sunlight at a time of the day when the sun is no longer at its peak.

Place Windows at Higher Positions

If you want your windows to project light deeper into a room, make sure the windows are positioned higher. The good thing about high windows is that the openings are closer to the eaves, which provide shade. There won’t be any direct light penetration, but the windows will still provide ample daylighting.

Use Wall for Reflecting Light

If practical, place windows close to a wall. Even if windows are not that high, if they’re adjacent to a returning wall, they will allow light to penetrate deeper into the room.

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