Tips for Effective Autumn Window Cleaning

Fall season is one of the best times of the year to have your windows cleaned. Some homeowners think that wiping the glass is more than enough cleaning for the season. However, the leading residential window contractor recommends being more thorough when it comes to cleaning your windows. Here are a few tips on how to get better results when cleaning windows.


Maintenance by residential window contractor


Dust off the Blinds


Blinds have a lot of nooks and crannies that tend to collect a lot of dust. This makes them a top priority when cleaning the windows. A feather duster works, but a vacuum cleaner works better because you won’t have to worry about particles getting everywhere.


Wash Your Curtains


Curtains and drapes also tend to collect dust, especially if you tend to open your casement windows on a regular basis. In some cases, thick drapes could also get moldy during very humid days. Most curtains can be washed like regular laundry, but you may have to dry clean a few exceptions.


Spray of the Screens

There are many cases where homeowners try to clean window screens by dusting them off, usually with poor results. For better results, remove the screens and spray them with a hose then dry them thoroughly before putting them back in place.


Hire Professional Cleaners


Many windows (especially specialty windows) can be difficult to clean because they have plenty of narrow spaces where a rag and soapy water can’t effectively clean. If you want cleaner windows, you’re better off hiring certified window contractors to clean those sills and tracks.


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