Tips for Hanging Decorations Safely near Windows

Ah, the festive season is finally here. To many of us, this means having lots of friends and family over, delicious home-cooked meals, and, of course, putting up beautiful decorations all over the house. According to studies, the sight of festive decor causes our body to release dopamine, a natural feel-good hormone. However, if we aren’t careful, our holiday cheer might soon turn sour because of accidents. With that being said, here are a few tips on how to safely hang decorations near your windows

Decorating Windows

The windows around your house are one of the best places to put up holiday decorations. If you have window screens, we recommend removing them so that they can be enjoyed inside as well as outside. When putting up your decorations, use a fishing line and cut them to different lengths so that your display does not look rigid and uniform.

Try to avoid heavy ornaments that can crack your window panes when the wind blows. If you’re incorporating string lights for your display, opt for LED lights and don’t leave them unattended. If you have large storefront or picture windows, be sure to take advantage of the wide view they provide so you can spread the holiday cheer to passers-by.

If you have vinyl window frames (or any frames for that matter), do not use screws, nails, or staples to hold your decorations in place as this will likely void your warranty. Instead, use glue, tape or hang them on your curtain rods. 

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