Top 3 Window Replacement Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Whether you’re installing casement windows or double-hung windows in your home, you’ve likely heard a few misconceptions about window replacement projects. Unfortunately, these myths can completely turn people off from the idea of replacing their windows with better ones. As a homeowner, it’s important to know what is myth and what is truth. 

In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento reveals the top three window replacement myths and the truth behind them, starting with:

It Takes a While and Can Damage Your Home

No homeowner wants to damage their home during a window replacement job, nor will they want it to disrupt their daily routine more than necessary. Thankfully, the notion that replacing your windows takes a long time and can damage your home is pure misconception. So long as you choose the right person for the job, you won’t ever have to worry about your home sustaining damage during the replacement process.

Summer is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows

While it’s possible to have your windows replaced any time of the year, summer isn’t exactly the best season for it. In fact, if you have to choose which season is the best, then go for the fall season as the weather is more agreeable during this season. If you choose to install your windows during the winter, your residential window contractor may have a hard time keeping the warm air in, which can not only make things uncomfortable for you but can also cause your energy bills to increase. Having it done in the summer, meanwhile, can be hazardous for your contractor.

Replacement Won’t Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

You’ve maybe heard a few people say that replacing your windows with better units won’t help in improving your home’s energy efficiency. This is actually pure myth and thanks to new technology, window manufacturers have come up with ways to improve a window’s energy-efficiency capabilities, allowing you to save a significant amount on your bills every month.

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