Understanding Our Environmental Commitment

Renewal by Andersen® and our parent company, Andersen Corporation, are committed to achieving solutions to the environmental challenges we face today. We manufacture highly energy-efficient windows and patio doors using sustainable and recycled materials that lead to plenty of benefits for our customers, as well as their neighbors.

Understanding Our Environmental Commitment

We have come up with five solutions that are benefiting the industry, our customers, and the environment:

1. We Renew Houses

Having installed more than 2 million windows in over 300,000 homes, we have accomplished something significant, and our customers are the primary beneficiaries.

Did you know that the average home utilizes more energy than the average automobile, and is responsible for more carbon emissions? Existing homes can achieve so much more energy efficiency with the right windows and sliding french doors.

2. We Improve Indoor Air Quality

Andersen Corporation and Renewal by Andersen are certified Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Indoor Advantage Gold™. We are the only window companies to be certified as such.

One of the top 5 hazards to health in America is poor indoor quality. Toxins from materials used in buildings are released through evaporation in a process called off-gassing, and those toxins join your indoor air at home. Our products are responsibly manufactured and do not contain toxic chemicals that will contribute to indoor air pollution.

3. Smart Use of Materials

Renewal by Andersen is recognized for the recycled content that goes into the manufacture of our window and door products. We manufacture and use Fibrex® for our frames and sashes. It contains up to 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Fibrex is strong and insulative like wood, but it requires much less maintenance and resists cracking, pitting, corrosion, and rot, just like vinyl. We source most of the wood fibers used for manufacturing Fibrex from the wood window manufacturing facilities of Andersen Corporation, which saves plenty of wood from ending up in landfills.

Our products come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass as standard, which is manufactured with a minimum of 12% reclaimed glass by weight.

4. Smart Use of Energy

Windows and doors can significantly lower a home’s heating and cooling costs. With Renewal by Andersen window replacement, you can expect to save up to 25% on what you spend on energy, thanks to the properties of Fibrex and our standard High-Performance Low-E4 glass. Upgrade to SmartSun™ glass and increase your windows’ energy efficiency up to 70% in summer and up to 45% in winter.

5. We Manufacture Products With Long Lifecycles

At Renewal by Andersen, it is nothing new when we have to replace windows less than 10 years old. Imagine all the landfill waste from such replacements.

We make products that are longer-lasting than most in the industry, that’s why we back them up with the strongest warranties, as well. This means we contribute much less to the construction waste that ends up in landfills.

If you care about your household, as well as about the environment, trust only an environmentally responsible window and door replacement company. Get in touch with Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento. We also offer hinged french doors. Call us today at (916) 779-5800 or fill out this form to tell us about your project. We work with homeowners in Roseville, CA.