Unlearn These Poor Window Habits

Have you ever wiped your windows or glass patio doors and wondered why, after a few minutes, they looked dirtier than ever? You probably used a dirty or oily rag, and that’s a nasty habit you need to drop.

Unlearn These Poor Window Habits

There are some poor window habits that you probably didn’t know you could — and should — unlearn. Here are some of them.

Leaving the Window Coverings Down in Winter

Moisture is trapped when you keep your blinds or curtains closed in winter. This can lead to mold and mildew growth. In worst cases, it can also lead to rot and other forms of moisture damage. If you’re keeping them closed to help save energy, at least open them a few inches above the window sill bottom to allow airflow.

Keeping Storm Windows on Low-E Coated Glass Windows

Low-E coatings reflect more heat than regular window glass. If you have storm windows during summer and keep them closed, the heat is trapped between your glass windows and storm windows. This can lead to extremely hot windows. It can also cause damage.

Not Learning How to Properly Clean Windows

You probably use a power washer for your siding. If you hit your windows, the pressure of the water can damage them. You also have to avoid using old, dirty, greasy rags or even newspapers when cleaning your windows. Use a clean microfiber cloth exclusively for your windows. When you clean your sliding replacement windows or your sliding patio doors, make sure to clean the tracks too according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And don’t use harsh chemicals. Warm water with mild liquid soap should be enough. A mixture of distilled vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle is perfect for spot checks and greasy streaks and marks.

Closing But Not Locking Windows and Doors

The seal around your windows and glass doors works most efficiently when you lock them. Locking your windows prevents moisture from forming in your home. Of course, it also keeps your home secure.

Drop these poor window (and door) habits now if you want to make the most of your energy-efficient products. Get in touch with Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento if you’re interested in new replacement windows or doors as part of your home remodeling project. Call us today at (916) 779-5800 or fill out this form to tell us about your project. We work with homeowners in Sacramento, CA.