Vinyl vs. Fibrex®: Which is the Better Window Material?

Innovation is part of any industry. When it comes to windows, there are a number of products and materials that present numerous benefits. One of the more renowned materials today, however, is Renewal by Andersen’s very own Fibrex®.

In this post, we compare vinyl and Fibrex, in terms of four important comparison points. Find out which material helps replacement windows in Sacramento better.

Strength and Durability

Fibrex combines the strength and stability of wood. With the material’s peerless strength, Renewal by Andersen can make the sash and frames narrower without compromising durability. Meanwhile, vinyl frames are known to have higher expansion and contraction rates, causing them to bow and warp, eventually breaking the glass seal.


Fibrex can preserve your home’s architectural beauty, as the composite material is made to allow easier customization. The unique extruded material can be made into any kind, shape, and size, including even specialty windows. It also perfectly mimics the look of wood. On the other hand, vinyl windows typically come in stock measurements and profiles, limiting styling options. Vinyl frames are also often thicker, reducing the glass area.

Energy Efficiency

Fibrex has superior thermal insulating properties. When combined with our High-Performance® Low-E4® glass, Fibrex can help your home stay warm in winter and cold in summer, eventually helping you save on energy bills. Vinyl windows, however, can have gaps as these expand and contract, letting energy escape.

Overall Value

Given all of the benefits that Fibrex material can offer, you can make the most of your home remodeling in Sacramento, CA when you buy our replacement windows at Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento. With our Fibrex material, our windows can provide better value for your home. Furthermore, vinyl is a low-cost material, a primary reason many homebuyers would not consider them as valuable as our innovative composite material.

Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento offers a range of custom replacement windows that will surely fit your home’s needs. These windows feature Fibrex composite material, which is sure to benefit your household. Call us at (916) 389-2000 for a free consultation.