What Causes Warping in Wooden and Vinyl Windows?

Warping is a common problem for vinyl and wood windows. Having an idea about what causes warping can help you mitigate and even prevent damage to your windows. The windows contractors at Renewal By Andersen® of Sacramento elaborates on the possible causes below. 

Moisture: The Problem With Wood

A lot of homeowners prefer wooden window frames because of their classic appeal. However, they need a lot of maintenance. Wood absorbs moisture and is therefore affected by humidity levels. Wood expands as it absorbs moisture and shrinks as its moisture content decreases. 

Warping happens when moisture is distributed unevenly throughout the wooden frame. The contraction and expansion of different parts of the frame can contort your window. 

Flexibility and Heat: Problems With Vinyl

Some contractors recommend vinyl windows as a moisture-resistant alternative to wooden windows. However, vinyl isn’t without its problems. 

One of these problems is vinyl’s flexibility, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The material is flexible enough to be molded into almost any shape. However, vinyl window frames will start to sag if it can’t handle the weight of the glass. 

There’s also the issue of heat. If vinyl windows directly exposed to sunlight, heat can build up in the frame and soften vinyl. This compounds the problem with vinyl’s flexibility, causing warping in the frame. 

Signs of Warping 

Here are the signs you need to keep an eye out for: 

  1. Cupping or inward warping 

  2. Twisted window edges 

  3. Crooking along the window’s edges 

  4. Kinking along the window sash

Dealing With Warped Windows

In most cases, the best solution would be to get a window replacement. We recommend choosing Fibrex® windows. Fibrex combines the best qualities of window and vinyl; it’s as durable as wood but is easy to maintain like vinyl. From picture windows to double-hung windows, Fibrex windows come in different styles. 

Want to know more about your window options? 

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