What Goes Into the Cost of Window Replacement?

Getting new windows isn’t as expensive as getting new siding or roofing, but it still costs a significant amount of cash. Why is this the case? As the leading residential window contractor in the area, we’re here to give you a breakdown on where your replacement budget goes.


Residential window contractor


The Frame


A window’s frame is supposed to be made of a sturdy, low-maintenance material. Common options include wood, metal and vinyl which are all excellent choices. Of course, some materials, such as Fibrex® frames are considered more energy-efficient than others, so it’s easy to see why some are valued over the rest.


The Glazing


Whether you’re going for small double-hung windows or big casement windows, the glazing is easily the most important component. Glazing costs can vary greatly depending on the type of glass, number of panes and the addition of bonus features, such as low-E coating that improve the window’s performance.


Window Style


Some window types are more complex than others. For example, simple picture windows essentially consist of a frame and the glazing, but casement and double-hung windows have latches, rails and locking mechanisms that are required for them to work properly. This makes them more difficult to manufacture, which in turn increases their upfront costs.




The cost of labor can vary depending on a number of factors. For example, getting new window inserts instead of a full replacement is a lot easier and more affordable. On the other hand, switching from picture windows to a completely different type of window may require extra steps, such as resizing the frame. The more technical the work is, the higher the labor cost will be.


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