What Is Fibrex® Material?

Fibrex® is a revolutionary composite material that combines the best of vinyl and wood to make a stronger, more durable window frame that is changing the window industry. Manufactured using our exclusive proprietary process, Renewal by Andersen is the only company that carries this material. Windows using Fibrex® are the better alternative for replacement windows.

What Makes up the Fibrex® Material?

By weight, Fibrex® is comprised of 40% natural wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer. We use wood byproduct from our other manufacturing processes as a feedstock in the Fibrex® material we produce, resulting in lower costs that we’re able to pass on to the customer as savings.

How Is the Fibrex® Composite Material Used?

When we created Fibrex®, we wanted a composite that would be easy to mold but also resilient and durable. Our vinyl and wood blend can be injection molded, offering a greater array of designs and making custom window orders for any size or shape a breeze. Because the material withstands heat better than traditional window frame materials, Fibrex® windows can be offered in dark colors, including black. Fibrex® composite material offers customers a virtually limitless range of window options. Check out our gallery to see for yourself.

How Do Fibrex® Window Frames Compare to Traditional Wooden Frames?

By incorporating all-natural wood fibers into the Fibrex® material, we imbue it with many of the best characteristics of wood and use the polymer to reinforce it for the best of both products. Like wood, Fibrex® material provides excellent insulation. In fact, it has been demonstrated to insulate up to 700 times better than aluminum. That’s partly why we were honored with a
2017 Energy Star Partner of the Year Award. Also, while wood is susceptible to decay, Fibrex® material stands up to moisture and the rigors of rot and corrosion over time.

Is Fibrex® Superior to Vinyl?

Like vinyl, our Fibrex® material is low maintenance, inexpensive, and resistant to decay. It is also twice as strong as vinyl, meaning that our manufactured windows require less framing material. Our windows can incorporate more glass per square foot of space, giving a home’s interior greater natural light and outdoor views. Vinyl does not perform well in extreme temperatures, expanding or contracting as seasons swing. Fibrex®, by contrast, retains structural rigidity in any weather. This prevents bows or cracks in the frame that can necessitate costly repairs.

At Renewal by Andersen, we’re proud to be able to share our Fibrex® material frames and windows with our customers. Call (916) 525-7711, request a brochure, or schedule a free consultation today.