What to Consider When Replacing Windows in Old Homes

If you live in an old home and you need to have its windows replaced, there are a few things to consider. After all, this major home upgrade is an investment that requires careful thought and deliberation. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento provides an overview of all you need to know when replacing windows in an old home.

Match the Existing Aesthetic

No matter how your home looks, it’s a good idea to match your new windows to your home’s existing aesthetic as closely as possible. This means choosing windows that look similar to what is already there in terms of style, color, and size. For example, if your current windows are single-hung casements, you may want to opt for replacement windows with the same casing. Doing so will help preserve your home’s original character and curb appeal without sacrificing functionality.

Choose the Right Material

Wood and vinyl are two of the most popular materials used for windows. Wooden frames give a classic look to old, traditional homes, while vinyl is a good choice due to its low maintenance requirements and affordability. Alternative framing materials, however, provide the same qualities but without the drawbacks. One example would be our exclusive Fibrex® frames, which are guaranteed to last long without pitting, corroding, warping or rotting.

Ensure Proper Insulation

Selecting energy-efficient windows is also essential, particularly when installing one for an old home. Look for windows that meet the guidelines of ENERGY STAR®, a joint program by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy designed to promote efficient products that help conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This way, you can rest assured that you get quality insulation and indoor temperature control, which can then lead to potential savings on heating and cooling bills over time!

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Replacing windows in an old home has its numerous benefits, from improving energy efficiency to simply bringing a fresh look and feel to your home. To achieve all of these, look no further than Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento. Our team of seasoned professionals understands firsthand what it takes to properly replace windows in old homes. If you have questions about the window frames or other design tips, call (916) 779-5800! You can also fill out our contact form on our website.