What to Do When Dealing With a Broken Window

As a homeowner, you may have had your fair share of broken windows. They can happen due to an accident, bad weather or even a poor installation job. As much as possible, it’s recommended that you call a trusted residential window contractor when dealing with a broken window. Until then, however, here’s what you should do:


 Dealing With a Broken Window

Block Off the Area

This should be one of the first things you need to do, especially if you have children or pets running around. The safety of every individual in the household should be your number one priority. As much as possible, you’ll need to get them as far away from the broken window as possible and eliminate the risk of them wandering over. Ask someone else in your home to watch over your kids while you deal with the glass, or place your children in a room with a door or in their playpen if you have one.

Wear Protective Gear   

As a reputable installer on specialty windows, we always recommend putting on gloves and shoes when dealing with the broken glass of your windows. The thicker the material, the better, and any heavy-duty work gloves such as the ones used for gardening or carpentry will work fine. Don’t use rubber or thin cloth gloves, as these hardly give you any grip and won’t provide much protection.

Determine the Cause of Damage

If the window damage is minimal and can be repaired easily then it’s a good idea to put in some temporary measures while you’re waiting for a repair person to visit. If the window is only slightly cracked then it doesn’t cause a huge security concern, but you may need to have it repaired professionally. If it was broken due to storm debris or other natural causes, make sure to file an insurance claim so the cost for replacing your windows can be covered.

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