Which Way Should Your New Casement Windows Open?

Unlike double-hung windows that work by sliding the bottom sash up or top sash down, casements feature a unique pivot operation for easy installation and maintenance. However, when having this style of windows installed in your home, you need to decide whether the unit should open from left to right or right to left.

Here are things to consider when deciding which way your casement window should open.

Your Dominant Hand

When getting new casements, especially in your bathroom or laundry room, it would be easier to open the units if the crank is on the side of your dominant hand. Your casement window would open from the right if the crank is on the right side and vice versa if the crank is on the left side.


Whether you’re getting new casement or picture windows, proper placement is essential to preserve and enhance your home’s beauty. According to architecture experts, casement windows are more appealing when the hinged side of the units are close to the center of the room. This design helps you make sure that all windows open toward the center of the room, making them more aesthetically pleasing.


Cross ventilation helps bring fresh air inside your home and push out polluted air outside. It can prevent moisture-related problems, such as mold and rot. Well-vented rooms are also more comfortable and easier to cool during the warmer months. To achieve effective cross ventilation, you should have casement windows installed on different sides of your home that open in opposite directions.

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