Why Discoloration Happens to Some Double-Pane Windows

Double-pane windows are units that come with insulated glass, which helps boost the overall energy efficiency of your home. While it doesn’t happen to every double-pane system, sometimes these units may develop discoloration. In today’s post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the leading provider of double-hung and picture windows in the region, talks about what causes discoloration in some double-pane windows and how it can be prevented.

Double-Pane Windows

Common Cause of Discoloration

Since windows are mostly made of glass – a transparent and naturally conductive substance – conventional insulation doesn’t really suit them. The gap separating the interior and exterior surfaces in double-pane windows then serves as the insulating barrier. Eventually, this insulated enclosure helps your windows regulate indoor temperatures and reduces your utility costs.

Discoloration happens when moisture infiltrates the gap between the panels. Usually, this gap can be filled with an inert insulation gas like krypton. If there is a leak and moisture gets in, discoloration in the form of dark streaks will appear on the inner glass surface of your windows.

How to Fix Discoloration Issues

While it’s entirely possible to simply fix this by replacing the discolored glass pane, it makes more sense to replace the window itself. By doing this, you won’t have to risk any further damage and you can install a window with discoloration-resistant film to minimize the chances of moisture problems before they even show up.

Additionally, the best way to make sure your windows are protected from future discoloration is by addressing the root cause. This involves getting rid of any sources of excess moisture in your home. For instance, gutters must be clog-free to prevent moisture infiltration. You can also install a moisture barrier in your basement to lower indoor moisture levels.

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