Why the Color of Your Windows Matter

Like people, houses have personality, too. How they look is influenced by geographical location as well as lifestyle. So what makes up your home’s personality? A number of things make up your home’s personality–the overall architectural design, function, and of course your windows in Sacramento CA and the surrounding areas.

Windows are not just about function. Sure, we use them to protect us from elements or to give the house adequate lighting and ventilation. But let’s not forget how much they can contribute to the house’s overall appeal.

As one of the more noticeable parts of your home, windows can easily be the visual focal point of any room they’re placed in. Fortunately, one great thing about windows is that most of them come in a wide variety of colors that match and complement an equally wide variety of styles.

The color of your windows is pretty telling – they could mean the difference between a fun and boring room. For example, bold colored frames mean young, hip, and artsy, while dark woodwork exudes classic elegance. Neutral or subdued colors such as tan, and pale shades of blue, green and yellow blend in well with the outdoors, providing a sophisticated and tranquil feel.

Another great thing about windows is that there really is no hard set rule when it comes to choosing their colors. While the consensus is to keep the color of your frames within the same palette used on the rest of your home, you can always experiment a little, especially if you feel like giving a room a personality boost.

Here’s a pro tip: If your windows are cracking, warping, or just really old, even the brightest of colors cannot salvage them. When your windows are failing in terms of function and aesthetics, it’s time you replace them.

We at Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento understand that when it comes to windows, function and appeal come hand in hand. That’s why we install only the best quality replacement windows on the market. We specialize in installing expertly crafted awning, bow and bay, sliding, and double hung windows in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Our windows have always been unmatched in beauty and overall performance. The combination of Fibrex® frames and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass make our replacement windows the most energy-efficient option available today. Our windows come in fashionable colors as well. This means not only will they protect you from elements and help cut down your energy bill. They’re also guaranteed to give your home’s personality a big boost!

When shopping for replacement windows, you don’t have to choose between style and function. Give us a call today for an in-home estimate and learn more about our beautiful and efficient windows.