Why You Should Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

Most homeowners find natural light better than artificial light. Natural light not only makes your home feel more welcoming, it also helps improve your mood and alleviate anxiety. House colors also look more vibrant and the decor more appealing when sunlight illuminates your indoor living spaces. In addition to that, natural light prevents mold growth and reduces your reliance on electricity. 

Why You Should Increase the Natural Light in Your Home

For these reasons, you want to have natural light as a priority in your home design. Read on as Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, known for high-quality specialty windows, provides tips to help you let more natural light into your home. 

Use Lighter Window Treatments

Window treatments made of heavy brocades and dense fabrics can hinder natural light from entering your home. Thus, it’s better to take them down and swap them with lightly colored linens or loosely woven sheers. Lighter fabrics can also cut down on the dust in your home, which is helpful for those with allergies. Blinds are another popular option as they allow homeowners to control the amount of light they want.

Trim Trees Outside Windows

While trees and shrubs can boost the curb appeal of your property, they can grow too big and block natural light from streaming through your windows. By trimming foliage around your windows, you can let in light and also help cut down on the moisture in your home. You may also consider replacing overgrown plants with small flowers and potted plants to keep an unobstructed view and let in more natural light. For information about ensuring well-maintained windows, consult a residential window contractor in your area.

Install Larger Windows

If you’re planning to update your windows, take the opportunity to expand the openings to increase the natural light in your home. Thanks to advances in window manufacturing, you can opt for sleeker frames so you have more glass. For your replacement windows, you may want to consider picture, bow or bay window styles. These windows work great with operable units to allow in plenty of light as well as ventilation.

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