Will Homeowners Insurance Pay For Your Broken Windows?

Windows work to maintain your home’s good looks, comfort and energy efficiency. But like most exterior components, they will break down over time due to constant weather exposure. Once this happens, they’ll need a replacement, but will your homeowners insurance actually pay to replace your broken windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the reliable windows replacement company in the area, answers this here.



Yes, Your Homeowners Insurance May Cover Them

However, this will depend on a number of important factors–such as the way your windows have incurred the damage. Home insurance policies usually provide coverage only for qualifying situations. For this reason, the manner in which your existing windows broke can influence the claim you’ve filed. Did your windows sustain damage in the course of a major weather event? Have they suffered impact damage from wind-blown debris, for example? Should these be the case, their replacement may be covered by your homeowner insurance.

Not If the Damage is Caused by Normal Wear and Tear

It may be possible for your homeowners insurance to pay for your new windows. But not if the reason your existing ones are damaged is because of standard wear and tear, or some kind of accident. All insurance providers exclude coverage for this type of damage. They view window maintenance as the homeowner’s responsibility. If your existing units failed because their issues–such as water leakage, mold growth or seal failure–has been overlooked, then you’ll need to pay for your new double-hung windows yourself.

You should also understand that making small claims, such as a broken window, have implications. Your insurance company is obligated to process your claim if they fall under the guidelines, but a series of small claims can be costly to them due to administrative expenses. You can expect an increased rate because of this.

Once it’s time to get new picture windows for your home, turn only to a premier window company, like Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento. With our top-tier options and professional installation, we’ll make sure your home remains lovely, comfortable and efficient all year round. We proudly serve Sacramento, CA, and the rest of Northern California. Call us today at (916) 779-5800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.