Window Material: What Makes Fibrex® Nearly Perfect?

Fibrex® is a composite developed by Andersen scientists with foresight in the ‘60s. Patented in 1992, this window material has lived up to its lofty expectations.

What makes Fibrex an ideal window material

So, what makes Fibrex better than vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass? The following is the combination of qualities this composite possesses, which every trusted residential window contractor respects.

Exceptional Strength

According to studies, Fibrex is 100% more rigid and stable than vinyl. Why? It’s because this composite is half wood, half polymer.

Compared to unadulterated timber, Fibrex has lower stiffness. But it’s much more predictable because it doesn’t share wood’s natural variations, like moisture content.

As proof of Fibrex’s remarkable strength, we’re able to keep the frames of our casement windows, or any window style for that matter, extremely narrow without sacrificing structural integrity.

Absolute Decay Resistance

Although Fibrex is part wood, it’s immune to rot and fungal growth. That’s because liquid polymer fills and encases individual wood fibers during formulation. As a result, we confidently warrant Fibrex not to corrode, flake, pit, peel, crack, blister or rust.

Low Thermal Conductivity

In terms of thermal insulation, Fibrex is more or less 700-times better than aluminum, reducing heat transfer nearly as well as vinyl and wood do. Our composite is one of the reasons why ENERGY STAR recommends our products.

Versatile Beauty

Unlike fiberglass that generally comes in rectangular and square profiles, our use of Fibrex enables us to produce no less than 15 configurations of specialty windows.

Solid Warranty Protection

Due to said qualities, we provide 10-year warranty coverage for Fibrex-made window frames. In case of imperfections resulting from manufacturing, material or workmanship defects, we’ll gladly fix the problem at no charge.

To see a sample of Fibrex firsthand and learn about its minimal maintenance and sustainable content makeup, schedule your free, in-home consultation in Davis, CA, with Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento. Call us at (916) 779-5800, and pick a convenient date!