Window Replacement Basics, Part 1: Features to Look For

Your existing windows may have performed well for you in the past. Nonetheless, there will come a time when you’ll need to replace them with more beautiful and functional units. Thanks to modern technology, many windows today offer better looks and performance than traditional options.

kitchen window

Replacement windows in Sacramento, CA, are major investments that call for proper and careful consideration. After all, they will play a big role in keeping your home well-lit, beautiful, and energy-efficient. That’s why before purchasing your new windows, make sure to consult professionals like Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento. Here are four features you need to consider when getting replacement windows:

1. Weather-Resistance – Your windows can sustain damage easily due to constant exposure to harsh conditions. For your next replacement project, look for the kind of window that can withstand the elements. Take your time to research about your material options, or better yet, consult our experts at Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento.

2. Comfort – High-quality windows, such as our casement and double hung windows in Sacramento, have the ability to improve your overall indoor atmosphere. Their components—the frames, glass packages, sealing, and security tools—are all important for keeping your interior comfortable.

3. Energy Efficiency – Energy loss is one of the major concerns of homeowners nowadays. More and more, they are seeking ways to improve their home’s comfort without relying too much on utility systems. Installing topnotch replacement windows can help minimize energy loss. Most windows today come with insulated frames and glass, creating a more energy-efficient living environment.

4. Beauty – Lastly, look for the kind of window that can enhance your home’s curb appeal and value. Whether you’re eyeing classic bay windows or stylish picture windows in Sacramento, CA, you’ll get the most of your investment by working with a trusted company like Renewal by Andersen.

We understand how important this upgrade project is for any homeowner. For more insightful tips about window replacement, give us a call at (916) 389-2000 or complete our contact form to get a FREE consultation.

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