Window Replacement Basics: Should All Your Windows Match?

Whether you have a home remodeling project lined up or you’re simply getting new windows, it’s important to make sure you choose the right replacement windows. This is because the windows you choose can greatly affect your home’s form and function. But what is the right window and should all your windows match?

Uniformity Is Key

The truth is, your windows don’t have to match. While there’s certainly no rule barring you from using the same window style throughout your home, you’d do well to aim for uniformity by incorporating the same grille patterns and trim instead. Doing this will make your windows look similar without appearing one-dimensional, giving your home character without interfering with function.

Matching Windows and Rooms

To help you decide on window styles, take into consideration the room that your replacement windows will be installed in. For example, living rooms are typically large, they are commonly where the biggest windows in the house are found. If you want to brighten up your living room, you can also consider pairing replacement windows with glass patio doors. This will let in as much natural light as possible, not only effectively illuminating your living room but making it feel more spacious as well. Picture windows are the go-to choice for large windows but if you require ventilation, you can opt for casement or sliding windows as an alternative.

Ready to Get New Windows?

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