Window Style Series: Double-Hung

Double-hung windows hold the distinction of being one of the most popular window options today. It’s a testament to its staying power that the design predates even the independence of the United States. After all, these were used in English homes as far back as the 1670s. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento looks at the popularity of double-hung windows.

Window Style Series: Double-Hung

These are simple

As the trusted residential window contractor in Davis, CA, we will tell you that that simplicity is a strength of the double-hung window. That means it can fit any room on any floor of any house style. Its design is simple enough to complement the traditional look of a home.

These are a low-maintenance option

Double-hung windows feature two sashes that move independently of one another. This design helps keep them low maintenance. The two sashes are durable and feature little in the way of small moving parts that can be easily broken off. On top of that, this particular method of operation means that these are also easy to clean. It is the only kind of window that you can clean thoroughly from the safety of your home’s interior.

These are versatile

These windows are not just versatile in terms of their fit around the house. These also allow a lot of add-ons and uses that other windows simply can’t match. For one, these are the only window options apart from custom Davis, CA, specialty windows that can mount a standard air conditioner comfortably and for longer installations. These are also the only options when you want to have a bug screen put in without compromising ventilation.

These are energy-efficient

Unique to Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento double-hung windows is you can save money off your energy bills monthly. That’s because the combination of High-Performance™ Low-E4® panes and Fibrex® frames—both of which resist heat transfer—lower the burden on your air conditioner and heater. This usually means that our windows use less energy overall. This is good for your home and on the environment.

Double-hung windows are the ideal choice when it comes to replacement windows. These are easy to fit into the overall design of any style of home. These windows are also easy to keep in top shape, while ensuring more savings.

Give Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento a call today, and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect windows for your home.