Window Style Series: How Special are Specialty Windows?

Sometimes you need a replacement window in an odd size, shape or configuration. Perhaps it’s an attic window that’s small and round, a tall picture window with a circular top, or a triangular unit for that roof corner. With Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, you don’t have to worry about finding custom-shaped or -sized windows. We can custom-build units specifically for these situations. Here’s what makes our specialty windows so special.

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Fully Customizable

Naturally, the most important feature of our Davis, CA, specialty windows is that they can be customized to fit any size, shape or setting. Even the most unusual shapes can be built using your home’s precise measurements. What’s more, it’s not just the physical structure that you can customize. We also offer many frame colors, finishes, grilles and glass patterns.


Some homeowners want to have their specialty windows built in large sizes, which also lets in large amounts of light and heat. It’s important to note that Renewal by Andersen uses High Performance™ Low-E4® glass. This highly efficient package resists the transfer of heat across its surface so your air conditioning or furnace doesn’t have to work overtime. This feature can help you save tremendously on energy bills, now and in the future. It’s a long-term investment worth making even if you pick specialty windows that aren’t particularly large.

At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we take great pride in installing some of the finest windows available on the market today. It’s what makes us the most reliable residential window contractor in Davis, CA. Contact us today at (916) 389-2000 and we’ll find the right window to fit your home’s unique needs!