Windows: Capturing the Magnificence of Outdoor Views

If you’re building a dream home, chances are you also want a dream location. It could be the woods, a mountain or cityscape nearby, or a nice area for a garden. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to maximize the view. Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento provides windows that let outdoor views in. Your trusted residential window contractor offers some pointers to let that outdoor view inside.

Welcome the Light and View

The simplest way to bring the outdoors inside is through larger windows. They brighten the interior and enhance its atmosphere with outdoor views. If privacy is a concern or you’d like to use your wall space for artwork or furniture, use high windows. Increasing the height and width of each window allows in more light. The increased dimensions also set them closer together on the wall for improved flow. 

Don’t Block the View

Most homes designed for scenic views transform living space into an observation deck. But you can expand views even within smaller than average houses.  Patio doors have very large panes of glass and slide or swing to connect indoor and outdoor areas. They particularly allow uninterrupted views. The biggest casement windows also compare in size to patio doors. Don’t discount anything until you’ve met with a professional from Renewal by Andersen.

Frame That Picturesque Sight

Whether it’s your own garden or nature from afar, your attention will get caught via windows and doors. Think of a well-placed pane as a picture of the outdoors. Frame it with the right wood or a painted color to make the image pop even more. Standard rectangular windows work well in general, but don’t let it limit you.

Create a magnificent, attention-grabbing focal point with our signature specialty windows. Renewal by Andersen can help you realize your dream home with a view. We serve homeowners in Davis, CA, and its surrounding areas. Call us at (916) 226-3359 for further consultation.