Yes or No: Do You Need a Permit For Your Window Upgrade?

Regardless if you’re replacing traditional double-hungs or modern picture windows, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is this: “Do I need to secure a construction permit?”. The answer can be a bit tricky, as rules and requirements vary from one jurisdiction to another. Certain aspects, however, are generally consistent wherever you are in the country.

Permit For Your Window Upgrade

Let the window replacement experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento walk you through the common permit requirements for installing new windows.

Yes, You Will Probably Need a Permit

Whether or not you need a permit will mostly rely on the scope and extent of the job. If you’re just replacing the movable parts of your existing windows, like the roller tracks or sashes, then you most likely won’t have to apply for one. If you’re planning for a complete replacement job, though, which includes removing both the moveable parts and the frames, you will probably need a permit. The same goes for any changes made to the window opening.

Why a Permit is Necessary

Building codes are there for your own safety and protection. Like doors, windows can be used to enter and exit your home. A window replacement that is up to code ensures proper egress, enabling you to safely exit your home through your units in case of an emergency.

Another factor is aesthetics. Some local codes require homeowners to install windows that match the general architectural style of their community. This maintains the overall look of the neighborhood. If you’re making structural changes to the opening, codes demand that the frames should be structurally sound and that the seals are intact to avoid energy leakage.

Securing necessary permits helps you avoid issues later on – not to mention the fines involved with non-compliance. Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento will always comply with the legal requirements and make sure that your new double hung windows are installed in the most professional way possible.

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