4 Reasons to Choose Our Fibrex® Material

When looking for replacement windows to endure extreme California weather, make sure that your choices are made of high quality material. This ensures that your windows can provide lasting weather protection, comfort, and energy efficiency for your home.

4 Reasons to Choose Our Fibrex® Material

Some prefer the low maintenance and insulating properties of vinyl, but why not choose a more premium option? Premier contractor Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento features excellent windows and sliding French doors in Roseville, CA that use exclusive Fibrex® material. This choice offers a host of benefits that far exceed vinyl.

Fibrex® is:

1. Eco-Friendly—Unlike vinyl, which has potential harmful effects to the environment, Fibrex® material is made from 40 percent clean, reclaimed wood fiber by weight. Reclaimed materials in the manufacturing process can be reground and reused, lessening the amount of waste that enters landfills. Fibrex windows have met the Green Seal’s standards for science-based environmental certification, along with the U.S. Department of Energy’s own rigorous energy performance criteria. If you prefer materials that contribute to environmental responsibility, Fibrex is your top choice.

2. Energy-Efficient—Fibrex® composite combines the strength of wood with the low maintenance value of vinyl. It keeps an airtight seal that prevents moisture from entering your home and costly energy from leaking out. With its superior insulating properties combined with our Low-E glass options, you’ll enjoy comfortable living spaces without the high energy costs.

3. Stronger—Our Fibrex® windows are two times stronger than vinyl, ensuring that it won’t crack, pit, or corrode when exposed to harsh elements. It also has lower thermal expansion than vinyl options, which means it doesn’t contract or expand as much to changes in temperature or weather.

4. More Beautiful—By choosing our Fibrex® windows for your replacement, we can preserve your home’s architectural style. Its frame and sash design will reflect the lines and shape of your existing windows while deftly matching the sleek look of your patio doors in Roseville, CA. This material also offers more interior and exterior color options than vinyl, allowing many opportunities for customization.

From good looks and durability to increased energy efficiency, Fibrex® windows from Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento will definitely deliver. Learn more about this option by calling us today at (916) 389-2000.