4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Window

Replacing your bathroom windows can pose a lot of challenges. Because many bathroom spaces are small, you want your windows to let in lots of natural light and ventilate the room. However, you also want to maintain privacy. With careful and clever planning, you can choose the right window for your bathroom space.  

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Window

In this article, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, a top window company in Sacramento, CA, highlights four things you should keep in mind when choosing a replacement bathroom window. 

1. Transparency 

Most windows are clear or transparent, but you may not want that for your bathroom. As such, look for frosted, stained, seeded or textured window glass so you can maintain privacy while still allowing plenty of natural light. Your contractor may also suggest installing privacy film on the window to make it more opaque.

Furthermore, there are additional options for varying degrees of transparency. You may consider making the bottom half of the window opaque and the top half clear, for instance, or putting a clear transom window above a larger, stained window. 

2. Placement

Window placement is another thing to consider when it comes to privacy. Placing windows high on the wall will give you more privacy. Don’t forget the shape of the window as well. A wide, narrow window installed higher up will let in as much as a tall window placed lower but provide more privacy. 

You should also keep window placement in mind when designing your bathroom. If you have a picturesque view above the sink or tub, consider putting a window there to elevate your bathing experience. 

3. Size

To make your bathroom space appear bigger than it actually is, you should add light. Remember, the bigger the window, the more natural light is let in. If it’s on the first floor or facing the street, consider adding textured glass and placing the window above head height to maintain privacy in your bathroom.

4. Style

The style of your window plays a significant factor in the aesthetic appeal, but it’s also important for functionality. Bathrooms and showers are often humid, so to keep the space ventilated and minimize mold growth caused by excess moisture, you need at least one operable window in the bathroom. Popular choices include casement, sliding and double-hung windows. In general, awning windows are ideal for bathroom spaces as they maintain your privacy even when you open them while taking a shower.

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