5 Tips to Make Your Windows Secure

Your windows don’t just let sunlight into your home and provide ventilation when opened. When closed, they can protect your home from harsh weather elements and unwelcome visitors. Securing your windows can help boost your home’s protection against the elements and potential intruders. 

5 Tips to Make Your Windows Secure

Here’s a look at five things you can do to make your windows secure.

1. Invest in additional locking mechanisms. About 30% of burglars get in through a window that is open or not locked. Consider adding a hinged wedge lock, window pin lock, keyed lock or other window lock option to bolster your windows’ security and protection.

2. Add a window alarm. Window alarms are security devices that sound a loud siren when someone is trying to break in. If anyone ever tries to break into your house, this will make them think twice about entering your home.

3. Install security lights outdoors. Place outdoor security lights near windows in a way that they turn on automatically when motion is detected. These lights are like the visual equivalent of window alarms. Burglars are afraid of being caught in the act of breaking in, so if a spotlight is turned on them while they’re looking around, they’ll normally leave your property right away.

4. Ensure sufficient lighting. A well-lit home may be the easiest way to deter unwelcome visitors from your property. Install floodlights, pathway lights, twinkle lights or lit sculptures to highlight your home and yard. By exposing as much light as possible, fewer people will consider breaking into your home in the dark. This is also true for home interiors.

5. Place window treatments. Believe it or not, window treatments are the easiest and cheapest way to keep burglars away. By covering your windows with curtains or drapes, burglars won’t be able to see your valuables or figure out how your home is laid out. This will stop them from doing something bad in the first place.

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