7 Sliding Window Issues and How to Fix Them

Many homes choose sliding windows for their sleek style and convenience of use. Like any home component, sliding windows can wear down, preventing you from using them effectively. Understanding common sliding window issues, solutions, and how a qualified home remodeling company in Sacramento can help you maintain their performance and longevity.

1. Sticking and Difficulty Opening or Closing

One common issue with sliding windows is difficulty opening or closing. Track dirt, debris, or worn rollers might cause this. Clean the tracks regularly, and replace damaged rollers to restore smooth movement.

2. Air Leaks and Drafts

Air leaks around sliding windows waste energy and lower your home’s comfort levels. Worn weatherstripping or frame gaps are usually the cause. Create an airtight seal by replacing weatherstripping. Caulking seals bigger gaps and prevents drafts from wreaking havoc on your indoor climate..

3. Foggy or Cloudy Glass

A damaged seal allows moisture to enter, causing condensation or cloudiness between the glass panes. Not only does it block the view but also reduce the window’s insulation efficiency. In this instance, a window replacement is the best course of action to take.

4. Misaligned Tracks or Frames

Like doors, misalignment can cause sliding windows to become jammed or not close properly. Inspect the tracks and frames to check if they are on the right placement. Adjust or replace parts as necessary to ensure smooth operation.

5. Broken Locks or Latches

Broken or faulty sliding window locks or latches are a threat to your home’s security. Replace these components to ensure safety. Lubricate them regularly to keep them in good working order.

6. Noisy Operation

Friction between moving elements can also cause sliding windows to make a lot of noise when they are being opened or closed. Use silicone-based lubricant on tracks, rollers, and hinges to decrease noise and improve operation.

7. Corrosion

Exposure to moisture can cause the sliding windows’ metal components to accumulate rust. Be sure to clean metal parts regularly and use rust-resistant solutions. Consider repainting or coating in severe cases.

Sliding Window Replacement

Depending on the extent and severity of the issue, sliding windows with noticeable issues may have to be replaced with newer, better units. When installed by a contractor with industry experience and a proven reputation in the community, you can enjoy numerous benefits, including renewed aesthetic appeal, improved indoor comfort and lower energy bills.

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