A Homeowner’s Quick Guide to Patio Door Options

Patio doors come in all shapes and sizes. While this signifies a wide variety of options, the novice homeowner may end up frustrated navigating them. In today’s post, local patio door company Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento shares a quick guide to buying patio doors.

Patio Door Options

Patio Door Style

Patio doors come in two basic styles:

French doors — The standard French door design features two hinged sashes that meet in the middle. French doors are considered as the more traditional of the two door styles, and is usually seen in homes with traditional architectural styles. The term “French doors” is sometimes used to refer to other types of hinged patio doors, including those with just one sash.

Sliding doors — Sliding doors feature one or more sashes that slide on tracks at the bottom of the frame. It is also known as “contemporary” and “gliding” doors, and is usually seen in modern style homes. Unlike French doors, sliding doors do not require room to swing open, which makes it ideal for homes with limited space. Renewal by Andersen offers sliding French doors, which combines the aesthetics of French doors, including the traditional two-sash design, with the space-saving benefits of sliding doors.

Frame and Sash Material

Wood remains the most popular building material for building patio door sash and frames, thanks to its strength, durability and natural insulation. Natural wood grain is also difficult to replicate in other materials. Wood requires maintenance and waterproofing to maintain its looks. There are concerns about the environmental impact of using wood, which is why our parent company Andersen® Corporation only uses wood from sustainable sources for building patio doors.

Composite is a combination of a polymer and a reinforcing substance, which makes them a durable and low-maintenance option. Fiberglass is a well-known example, which contains glass fibers mixed with a polymer base. Our patio doors feature structural components made with our exclusive composite, Fibrex® material. It contains wood fibers sourced from wood trimmings taken from Andersen’s woodworking facilities. This combines the best qualities of wood with the low maintenance of vinyl frames.

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