A Quick Guide to Windows for Aging-in-Place Setups

Are you working towards having an aging-in-place setup for your home? If you answered yes, then you should be more particular when it comes to choosing the most suitable window options. Some windows are considered better for an aging-in-place setup, as explained below by the leading residential window contractor in the area.

A Quick Guide to Windows for Aging-in-Place Setups

Better Ergonomics

Accessibility is essential for any aging-in-place setup. People start to develop joint pains or even have to resort to using wheelchairs as they grow old. This is why you need windows with ergonomic features like longer handles and lowered cranks, which are easier to use and put less strain on someone’s joints.

Easier Maintenance

Older people can’t always have the time and effort to see to it that their windows are properly maintained. Our experts recommend keeping your list of choices to low-maintenance windows. For example, casement windows with Fibrex® frames are basically immune to moisture damage, so they require less upkeep than a metal window. Windows for this setup should be good even with just one or two maintenance checks a year.

Better Insulation

Older people tend to become more sensitive to inconsistencies with the room’s temperature or humidity. It’s important to look for window options that help the HVAC run efficiently to ensure your comfort. High-quality windows with good air seals are a must if you want your aging-in-place setup to work.

Professional Installation

A DIY window installation puts you at risk of having to repair or replace a poorly-installed window. Instead of trying to “save” on installation costs, you’re better off hiring certified window contractors. This is especially true for specialty windows for aging-in-place setups where the non-standard design require the right tools and skills to properly install.

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