Easy Habits That Add Years to the Life of Patio Doors

Not many people will want to replace their patio doors every few years. You will likely want these to stay in perfect shape for as long as possible. You will prefer adding a few more years to these doors than having to incur additional costs on a replacement. This is true, especially if you’ve gotten used to how your existing door matches your home perfectly.

Fortunately, ensuring that your patio doors last longer isn’t difficult. As one of the premier providers of patio doors in Roseville, CA, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento firmly believe in manufacturing patio doors that exceed industry standards. Our patio doors are meant to last a lifetime, but can last even longer if the owner simply cares for them properly.

Make sure the doors are well lubricated

All patio doors have a mechanical portion, whether these are hinges or slides. Like everything mechanical, these require lubrication on a regular basis, or else these will wear down faster. Before you lubricate them, make sure that these are thoroughly clean. Dust or small debris, especially in guide rails on sliding patio doors, can damage any mechanism.

Avoid using harsh chemicals

Whether your patio doors are painted, stained, or have an embedded color, a combination of natural elements and harsh chemicals will cause these to fade faster than you may think. Water and some soap is usually enough to get them clean. Harsh chemicals aren’t necessary, unless someone used a permanent marker on them.

Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento provides high quality patio doors and hinged French doors in Roseville, CA. We also have a wide range of designs that is sure to suit your home’s style. Moreover, our doors are made to last long.

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