Energy-Efficient Windows are the Way to Go, and Here’s Why

The new windows available today are not just made for aesthetics and functionality, but also for energy efficiency–which may be the most important. You’ll find that choosing windows that you know are energy-efficient can benefit you in a number of ways. Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, the trusted residential window contractor in the area, details why investing in energy-efficient windows is always the best idea.

Energy-Efficient Windows

  • Saves you money. This is probably the biggest advantage of going for energy-efficient windows. By helping heat and cool your home naturally, and lowering your energy usage, they can keep your monthly bills to a minimum. How well they make this happen has mostly to do with the framing material they use. The quality replacement windows offered by Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, for instance, use Fibrex® composite for sashes and frames. Fibrex® can provide the superior insulating properties of wood, allowing for windows with stronger, tighter seals that prevent air leakage and significant energy loss.

  • Improves indoor thermal comfort. Energy-efficient windows can help keep your home thermally comfortable by reducing the transfer of extreme outdoor temperatures into your living space. Our Renewal by Andersen® casement windows do exactly this. They come with advanced glass technology with argon gas fill, allowing for better thermal performance. Thanks to their incredible insulation, our windows can create a consistent indoor environment for your home, whether it’s cold or hot outside.

  • Illuminates your home naturally. You’ll want to reduce your reliance on artificial lighting during the daytime–and choosing energy-efficient Renewal by Andersen® windows can help with that. Our options come with High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, which allows plenty of natural light into your home, minus the excess heat and glare. If you’ve always wanted to incorporate effective daylighting into your home design, then our top-tier windows can definitely help you achieve it.

Your Best Source of Energy-Efficient Windows

All of our windows, from our classic casements to our customizable specialty windows, are designed for improved energy performance. Look no further than Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento for high-quality options that allow you to benefit from significant energy savings. Call us today at (916) 779-5800 or fill out this contact form to schedule your window evaluation. We proudly serve the areas in and around Rancho Cordova and Davis, CA.