Experts Answer the Best Way to Deal with Drafty Windows

Most Sacramento residents want to guarantee comfort during the coldest season of the year. Although snow is rarely experienced in the area, preparation is necessary for those chilly nights and the tule fog, which can be extremely dense and freezing. During this time of the year, we usually have to deal with drafts in our homes.

Around 10%–25% of heat is lost through faulty windows. (I wouldn’t use this from this source – look at the corporate website…they may have statistics that work for this content.) Drafts are caused by air leaks coming from small openings, such as cracks on windows and doors. It means that the cold air outside was able to seep into your home, disturbing your comfort and putting a dent in your pocket because of the wasted heating energy. Poor-performing glass panes also cause drafts.

Hacks for Drafts

You have to deal with those cracks on your windows in Sacramento CA no matter how small they are. Though heavy curtains may lessen the drafts a little, they are not enough, especially if there are several cracks on your windows. Worse, costly repairs are warranted, particularly for old windows whose sashes are loose. ( Hacks imply that there are temporary fixes that are worth the investment and we don’t want to associate ourselves with hacks or short term fixes….anything other than replacement I wouldn’t mention in this article)

Some will also say that glazing your windows with clear plastic film may stop the drafts. This can definitely help when your windowpanes are the only culprit. However, this won’t be enough when the frames and trims are old and leaks are all over the place.

Caulking or weather stripping is also one of the effective ways of insulating and sealing your windows. But this is just a temporary solution as the sealants can easily break and crack because of the bitter cold air.

The Best Way to Deal with Drafts

If you want a long-term solution for your draft problems, replacement windows are key, thanks to the innovative materials used today. Replacement windows nowadays have energy-efficient features that can help stop drafts and reduce monthly energy costs.

Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows feature Fibrex® composite frames and Low-E4® glass panes, which are not only energy-efficient, but also durable and long-lasting. We also offer different styles—from picture windows to awning windows in Sacramento CA—so you can pick the right style.

Avoid drafty windows for an energy-efficient home. Call us today and get a free estimate on your window project.