Fibrex® Windows FAQs: What Homeowners Need to Know

Some homeowners remain on the fence about replacement windows that don’t use a traditional material, such as wood and vinyl. But they need not worry. Windows made of an unconventional framing material, like the Fibrex® composite used by the premier residential window contractor, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, are actually way ahead in performance than their traditional counterparts. Learn more about our Fibrex® windows by checking out these FAQs:


Casement Windows

What Exactly is Fibrex®? 

Fibrex® is an advanced composite material used in Renewal by Andersen® windows. It is made of wood fibers and thermoplastic material. Fibrex® is considered one of the most eco-friendly window materials available today. That’s because a portion of both wood grain and thermoplastic material used in one batch of its production is reclaimed and reused in the next batch. This allows Fibrex® to leave almost zero carbon footprint, which in turn, helps limit the waste material ending up in landfills.

How Durable are Fibrex® Windows? 

Fibrex® can offer the superior durability of wood–but without its weaknesses. This results in Renewal by Andersen® casement windows that are impervious to cracking, warping, pitting, peeling, corrosion and rot. Fibrex® is so durable that we can craft it into any shape or window style, allowing for windows with thinner frames and a more expansive glass area.

Are Fibrex® Windows Safe? 

They are! Unlike their counterparts, Fibrex® windows help reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. That’s because they don’t require wood preservative treatments and painting to ensure they can remain in good condition.

Do Fibrex® Windows Help Save Energy?

They absolutely do. Fibrex® windows create a tough and airtight seal when closed. This helps prevent drafts from leaking into your home and compromising its indoor environment. When paired with our High-Performance™ Low-E4® SmartSun™ glass, Fibrex® windows can help keep your home thermally comfortable no matter the season, but without the high energy costs.

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