How New Windows Can Give You Peace and Quiet at Home

The task of replacing your windows is a pretty straightforward gig. It can eliminate the drafts around your home, reduce your cooling bills all year round, and prevent rainwater from leaking onto your interiors. But there is another inspiring benefit you can get from new windows — shut out noise. This is a particularly important detail if you’re tired of hearing your next-door neighbor mow his front yard at 7 a.m or blast his music all night long. A residential window contractor tells how getting new windows can give you peace and quiet at home.

Laminated Glass

If you want to block out noise, consider replacing your old windows with new units that have laminated glass panes. Laminated glass may potentially increase the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating — the measurement of how well interior partitions reduce airborne sound — of your new windows. Inefficient windows have a typical rating of 18, while laminated windows are rated with 36.

Laminated glass is commonly seen in double-pane windows, whether traditional or specialty windows. Though the feature adds initial cost, it will make your living experience exponentially better in all climates. Plus, you can enjoy having reduced utility bills to pay for throughout the year.


A lot of window manufacturers and installers are noticing the demand for enhanced window acoustics. Aside from the design, the STC of your windows can also be influenced by the installation methods used, including proper sealing or curing. One of the most effective ways to reduce noise infiltration is by incorporating a high-quality weatherstripping system. From sound to dust, water, air — weatherstripping the frames or sash minimizes the elements that can enter your home.

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