How to Choose the Right Door Handle

A door handle refers to a round knob or a lever that is attached to a door and used for opening and closing it. There are three principal things to consider when choosing a new door handle: look, feel and cost. Each factor assumes a significant role in the selection process. Renewal by Andersen, a patio doors and picture windows installer, discusses these three factors below. 

How to Choose the Right Door Handle

  • Look: While a door handle is small, it can influence the overall appearance of your home. Think of your door handle as an accessory rather than just a piece of hardware. If the architectural style of your home is modern and sleek, a vintage-looking brass knob will not complement the rest of the space. Another element to consider is the design of the door itself. If you use the same doors throughout, you will want to use the same door handles to create a uniform look.

  • Feel: How the door handle feels in your hand is another important but often overlooked factor when it comes to selecting door handles. Do not purchase a handle that causes discomfort or is difficult to operate. If any family member has mobility issues, a door knob is probably not the best style to purchase from a doors and windows company. A lever handle, on the other hand, is easier to grab and meets Accessible Design requirements.

  • Cost: One major misconception about doors is that they already come with handles, latches and hinges. This is not the case. If not sold collectively as door furniture, you will have to buy the rest of the pieces separately.

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