How Window and Door Standards are Determined

Before casement windows or patio doors can be put on the market to be sold to consumers, they first must go through a wide range of tests to determine if they’re worthy of selling to homeowners. According to experts, by doing so, the test can help set the standard for your potential window and door replacement product, ensuring that you get an item worthy of your money. But how exactly are these window and door standards determined?

Here’s how:

Window and Door Standards: How They’re Determined

The process of setting your windows and door’s standards can be a complex one and the people usually responsible for doing so is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). According to their publication guide, there are four group levels involved in the process. First off, the product groups or material councils will appoint the committees to handle any issues of concern within the industry. By doing so, they’ll be able to divide the work and assign them to groups. 

Once they’ve done that, a completed draft of the document development process will be sent for balloting to achieve a broad-based consensus. According to experts, the draft is balloted to a member with the required technical expertise. Once they’ve approved of the draft, it will be balloted to the committee and council they report to. After the draft has been edited, the correct product group will ballot it. Often, these product groups are architectural groups or specialty windows installation companies. At the same time, the document will be posted on the AAMA website for public perusal.

How The Standards Benefit You

As the consumer, you may find yourself confused regarding these standards and their importance. While this is understandable, these standards can actually benefit you in the long run as it ensures your potential windows or doors are performing the way they should be in terms of durability, longevity, and energy efficiency, which in turn can help you save a significant amount in the process.

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