It’s the Season to Decorate Without Damaging Your Home

Everybody loves holiday decorations. If you’re not careful, though, you might end up with ugly holes and marks all over your house. Screws and staples can cause permanent damage to your walls, windows, and doors. Fortunately, there are ways to hang decorations without leaving permanent marks in your home.


Decorating Your Windows

Make your windows sparkle with holiday cheer. Hang your ornaments on a curtain rod without a curtain on it. Cut different lengths of a fishing line and tie an ornament to each. Hang each length over the rod and bring it back through the ornament and tie it off.

Once the display is in place, your ornaments will appear as if they’re floating in the air. Have fun by using different techniques. Instead of an invisible fishing line, hang the ornaments with red or green strings. Alternating ornaments between green, red and gold strings can create a festive appearance. If you damage any part of your window in the process, Renewal by Andersen has replacement windows for you.

Decorating Your Walls

Clean off the section of the wall where you’ll be attaching wall hooks with adhesive to. After you were clean and dry the wall attaches hooks a bit above your eye level. Tie one end of the fishing line tight to the first hook and the other end to the second hook. Allow the line to hang a bit from hook to hook. Attach your first decoration to the string with a clothespin. Then repeat the process until every decoration you want on your string is in place.

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