Should You Be Concerned About Solar Heat Gain?

Windows are important when it comes to your home’s energy efficiency. There are many different ways to determine a window’s performance in regards to energy savings, and its materials are a big factor in how well it will perform. If you want to get the most energy-efficient windows for your home, you must consider solar heat gain. 

Should You Be Concerned About Solar Heat Gain?

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento shares more information about solar heat gain.

What Is Solar Heat Gain?


Solar heat gain is basically how much solar energy and heat pass through your windows. A low solar heat gain coefficient means less solar energy and heat can enter the home. However, high solar heat gain isn’t necessarily bad. Windows that allow more solar heat gain can be beneficial during the colder months because they help warm up your interiors and reduce your demand for heating. You can choose either a high or low solar heat gain rating depending on your local climate and your preferred indoor temperature.

Role of Solar Heat Gain in Energy Efficiency

Higher or lower solar heat gain can greatly impact the temperature of your home, which later affects your utility bills. In summer, windows with low solar heat gain ratings reflect more heat and prevent excess solar energy from penetrating your home. This will lower your energy costs as there is less demand for cooling.

Managing Solar Heat Gain

There is no perfect way to deal with solar heat gain, but there are ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency by properly orienting your windows. The sun bathes the southern face of your home the most, so you should minimize solar heat gain in this part of your house. Fewer south-facing windows can help keep your interiors cooler, especially during summer. Also, choosing glass that is well-suited to your local climate can either reduce or maximize solar heat gain to your benefit.


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