Tips on Choosing the Right Patio Door Hardware

When buying new patio doors, hardware is one aspect that is often overlooked. They may not be as big or as noticeable as the frames and glass, but the right hardware enhances the whole system in terms of aesthetics, security and even energy efficiency.

 Choosing the Right Patio Door Hardware

Investing in patio doors replacement from Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento involves customization, from the door style down to the hardware selection. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision.

  • Mind the theme. When possible, pick hardware for your hinged French doors that matches the other prevailing elements in both your interior and exterior. For example, brass hardware for your patio doors doesn’t go well with chrome window levers. At Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento, we offer a variety of stylish nickel, chrome, bronze and brass finishes, helping you establish visual harmony for your space. In fact, you can even go as far as selecting one hardware style and finish for your interior and exterior.

  • Think about maintenance. Consider how much maintenance your hardware choice will require. It may lose its sheen because of several factors, such as continuous use and exposure to the elements. Andersen patio doors have the same low-maintenance requirements as our window frame materials and feature our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass packages. It provides special coatings that seal the finish and ensures long-term protection against tarnish and corrosion.

  • Focus on security. One of the primary functions of patio doors is to protect your home, which is why you can’t afford to ignore security. We gave the locking mechanism of our patio doors a lot of thought. Our hinged patio doors come with a 5-point locking system that significantly improves their security and reliability. Our sliding French doors, on the other hand, have a unique reach-out lock that pulls the door panel tightly into the jamb. All of our doors come with an exterior keyed lock and are available with all of our doors, while our sliding doors have an optional auxiliary foot lock to offer another layer of security.

Renewal by Andersen of Sacramento offers a wide range of hardware styles and finishes that will complement your chosen patio doors, enabling you to design a system that perfectly suits your preferences. Schedule a FREE consultation by calling us at (916) 226-3359 or by completing our contact form. We serve homeowners in Roseville, CA, and the surrounding areas.