Too Good to be True?: How Self-Cleaning Windows Work

Cleaning windows may seem like an easy enough everyday task. You simply wipe the dust away with a rag. Dust isn’t the only thing you need to worry about, however. Especially if you live near a particularly dusty area, a tougher stain like dirt can be a problem. 

A bit of elbow grease might solve the problem, but there’s always a risk you may scratch the glass or damage the window. You may be interested in something that can make the task of cleaning dirt a lot easier—self-cleaning windows. 

Renewal by Andersen® of Sacramento, a top home remodeling contractor in the state, further elaborates on its features below. 

How Self-Cleaning Windows Work  

Self-cleaning windows look like any ordinary window; the difference between the two is the thin layer of titanium dioxide on the glass. There are two things you need to know about titanium dioxide: it’s activated by light (photocatalyst) and loves water (hydrophilic). 

When light hits titanium dioxide, the substance produces electrons and breaks down the dirt on the surface. This makes it easier for water to wash the dirt off. 

As you’re well aware, however, water won’t be able to completely wash off the dirt on the surface of ordinary glass. Water tends to form beads on ordinary glass and, as such, is unable to completely wash off the dirt. 

However, since titanium dioxide is hydrophilic or loves water, water is distributed evenly throughout the surface. This ensures that no streaks are left behind. 

A Few Things to Remember

Before you go buy self-cleaning replacement windows, keep in mind that self-cleaning windows have certain limitations. For one thing, the titanium coating is only effective against dirt; it can only make the task of cleaning windows easier, not completely eliminate the need for cleaning.  

A self-cleaning window, however, is a good long-term investment. The coating lasts for the window’s entire lifespan, which means it can save you a lot of time and effort over the long term. 

If you’re considering installing self-cleaning windows, make sure to do your research. Some manufacturers offer more features than their competitors. Renewal by Andersen’s maintenance-free windows, for example, has a fast-drying glass surface that can reduce water spots on the window by about 99%. 

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